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Talks Interview : Jordan Carter talks entrepreneurship marketing skills and upcoming event in Houston

If you’re big on networking, event planning and staying in the loop of Houston, Jordan Carter is the ultimate“IT GIRL” you must know.
The young entrepreneur from Lake Jackson, Texas is managing her 9-5, while building her brand and staying on top of her education as she takes over the city.
Jordan shares her top five marking proficiencies that help her exceed with business,  gaining knowledge and experience from her 9-5 that services her outside brand. And balancing her school life as a full time student attending Texas Southern University.

Success is the main goal that drives the entrepreneur while persistently working hard through her journey. Jordan is not allowing anything to get in her way and striving for much more, as she host her first immense networking event. 

On Saturday July 15th, Carter brings “The Millennial Merch Fashion Show” to HTX.  With over ten designers and vendors this upcoming fashion show is one you don’t want to miss out on.  The event will be held downtown Houston located at, Ronin Art House 806 Richey Street.

Door's open at 7:30pm show starts at 8:30 tickets sales will be available at the door. 


Talks Interview : Lil King shares his passion for music and the growth of becoming a rising star in the industry

Innovative sets of artist are always fetched into conversation on the latest blogs “Who’s on the scene” and“Who’s up next?”

Introducing the freshest hip-hop artist from La Porte, TX with bursting potential to be the next big thing. Lil King is released his first project titled “One upon a time” on August 12th of 2016.

With just a year in the industry, his lyrics are organic and pure. The artist justifies his music from his personal life and background. His consistent effective skills behind the scenes keep him on top and focus.

Lil king embodies the impeccable grind for all upcoming artists. Not allowing anything to get in his way, remaining humble throughout his journey and not being fearful to be himself.

Be on the lookout for what the uprising artist has in store! 



talks Interview : keyana pratt presents N.Y.A.G Network and shares her ultimate networking skills behind her brand

One blogger in particular, who has mastered her art and continuously paving the way for others to build , is the legendary Keyana Pratt. 

Inspired by her peers that surround her daily she has created a network titled "N.Y.A.G" ; Not Your Average Girl/Guy a platform showcasing other unique and ambtious figures pursuing their dreams in the entertainment industry. 

Her site content has major platforms and categories that can help lead the way for upcoming entrepreneurs. She shares business tips , networking skills and her personal journey. As she attends Houston's hottest networking events capturing behind the scenes footage and sizzling inside scoop with exclusive media passes , she's always on the scene. 

We recently spoke with Keyana about the growth of her brand , networking in the community and expanding her horizons for the future.

She unfolds, that her brand is more than an network , it's her lifestyle.