The Real Reason


As a millennial in this day of time, social media is literally apart of our daily “LIVES.”  It gets us started in the morning and keeps us updated throughout the day as we keep track of our latest celebrity gossip and stalk our friends as they share their stream of snap stories. Roughly 59% of millennials use a social handle network to gather their latest information. Social media is known as a tool for constructing  new personal connections with others. Also, known to identify and  nourish the Instagram legendary egos. While craving the attention from others our mind sets creates an illusion of knowing we have substance only from the sake of our followers. Surfacing the high’s and lows of social media daily and the in’s and out’ of current trends. Here are the good, bad and ugly reasons why millennials are social media savages. The importance of social media is all about how you consume it. Take notes, you might not be as savage as you pleased !


We Connect

 With the influence of social media, many use it for networking purposes to fulfill a dream or goal. While exploiting the famed #hastags you could possibly brand your business or reach a potential stand point and create connections with others within the same field of interest. As 2018 approaches, use your social handles to meet your needs, identify the content you would like to distribute with your followers and watch how sharing your interest could turn into a business or hobby. Over the past ten years there has been a 20% rise in the digital marketing world with online brands and business exploiting from the assistance of social handles. Measure down on purchasing from that  infamous insta boutique and invest in your own. Use your daily hobby or job and distribute with others. You’d never know who could possibly discover your profile from the ongoing explore tab.



We Date

Be true to yourself, we’ve all came across that one person who shares false information to portray someone they’re not. The usage of individuals seeking affection and guidance online now is tremendous. Numerous millennial’s use online dating, as the typical go to for pursuing potential significant others.

While online dating is trending more than ever and a huge aspect to many daily lives. Be honest, not only with yourself but with your public social handles. Many individuals follow one another based upon attractiveness and amusement. With the click of a button the use of online dating has become convenient and highly common through a variety of dating apps such as tender and dating sites similar to One in five relationships begin either on an online dating site or social media handles via DM’s. When communicating with unknown outsiders, be sure to be as authentic as possible and share valid information as well as photos. With accessible dating, individuals share interest and or hobbies that lead to conversation followed by a scheduled date. A term used as, “catfish” has become very thriving to many active on the online dating scene. The term is used for portraying someone online your not classified as in reality, this has become a huge scare and diplomatic problem many have encountered. Be aware and carefully seek the virtual signs of a prospective catfish while seeking your next boo.



We Share

As millennials we seem to share not only our finest moments but also our guiltiest.  Many use the saying “If you didn’t take a pic, it didn’t happen.” As, unpleasing as this could appear, some individuals take this religiously and share his or her every interchange to the public eye. With the advantage of the friendly and trending app known as, snapchat an image and video messaging multimedia mobile app for smartphone users. The widespread application is know for the swiftest way to distribute moments with others. Some use is for various reasoning and many for just the fun of it, just with any other social platform be attentive of what your distributing with outsiders. An additional platform we as millennial’s practice devotedly is Instagram, branded as the mobile desktop and web based platform that permits you to share pictures, videos and live footage, has also taken the prime to create the selection of consenting your followers to comment and share their thoughts on your material. While, the use of both platforms is intended for fun and enjoyable moments to witness and convey. Many individuals face various emotions with the downfall of subjective battles. 42% of social media users admit to facing the emotion of jealously and comparison when a friend or follower post receives more attention than his or her prior post. Countless also face the fear of missing out when others share memorable moments with others. The desire to be present is a trait we all as human part and social media can generate the emotion of sensing competition and plea to move at an uncontrolled pace.  As a millennial proceeding this uprising year, together we can continually evolve all social platforms in a positive direction and assist with maintaining its relevance.

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