The Beginning

Sophia Amorous, The epitome of a self made millionaire. Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, Author of New York’s Bestseller Girl Boss and the ultimate businesswoman have transitioned from rags to riches one-step at a time. Her journey hasn’t been the smoothest but she can pin point out life lessons in every given situation.  In 2006, Sophia created an online women’s apparel boutique on eBay named “Nasty Gal Vintage” inspired after Artist Betty Davis 1979’s album.  Her one of kind vintage pieces had customers craving for more. Determined she scrambled at many thrift stores before they opened so she could delve into the new arrivals before they hit the racks and sale the best pieces swiftly on her online store.

Precise thumbnails and minor details caught customer’s attention daily and new items were sold out within hours. One piece she admires is a Chanel Jacket she purchased at a local Salvation Army for $8, and sold on her eBay store for more than $1,000. Amrouso did it all, from purchasing her merchandise to modeling and being her own photographer. She kept up to date with 60,000 friends and customers communicating with them over social handle MySpace.  Nasty Gal Vintage progressed from Ebay and became it’s own designated site in 2008 to 280 million dollars later and over 300 employees, Nasty Gal now has two locations in the state of California. The store covers your favorite brands including, Jeffery Campbell, For Love and Lemons, Cameo and vintage pieces by designer labels such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Moschino.

Multi Millionaire 101

Here are a few strategies on how to be the next multimillionaire for your own brand.

Step 1: Take Risk

Don’t be afraid to go after your dreams and start your empire. Always remember you’re never failing, learn and observe from every situation and you’ll continuously win.

Step 2: Compete with yourself

Become your own idol, create goals and set standards for your brand and company and play at your own strengths.  Never compare, stand out and be memorable.

Step 3: Accept your mistakes

Accept the fact that you can be wrong and allow others to assist when needed. Always have an open mind and listen to others experienced advice.

Step 4: Observe your Surroundings

Surround yourself with Positive influential People. As you grow your brand, you want to surround yourself with successful and determined individuals. As you mature into your brand your designated to be around other success as well “Whom you spend your time with is an investment”, Amoruso clarifies.

Step 5:  Respect Networking

 You are your brand, represent your company well and treat it as if it’s your child. As you attend events and surround yourself with others that share the same interest as yourself you’ll find speaking upon your brand is beneficial. Connections are major key and are very important when networking. Many people are willing to help are give advice on your next move so always stay on top of any networking opportunity.


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