“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Every girl should feel encouraged and realize their worth and the opportunities that await them. Dream immense, broaden your horizons and never take no as an answer.

 “Boss up on em, you got it girl” 


Shadowing your lead

 The young women that will be the next generation are inspecting you. They’re obtaining your actions, absorbing your word choice and studying your moves.  With every good or bad decision you chose in life remember the young girl that admires your self-empowerment. She admires your grace, embodies your style, rehearses your self-confidence and motivated by your work ethic.

“Don’t stop girl, keep pushing “


Motivate. Motivate. Motivate

It’s nothing like receiving a compliment from another woman. The only competition you should face in life is the reflection of your younger self. Competing to become a better woman you were yesterday. Witnessing other women brilliance and success is only a reflection and self-reminder that same equivalent power runs deep within all of us.


Share your light & Uniqueness

Lead like a boss… Your individuality is something no one can take away from you. We all have an available platform to assist other girls in the works. Distribute your strengths and unique supremacy to empower out future generation of women. As a woman providing real life examples increases chance of success.


Eliminate the fear of failure

Young women often fear errors and issues that come about their journey. But that same mistake can create a stronger aspect to your future self. Take every fault as an opportunity for growth and prosperity. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but take it as a learning experience.

Be Influential In Every Situation

Don’t allow anyone to dictate your dream or journey to success. Never let them have the power to elaborate on your possibilities in your next chapter in life. Pursing your dreams and remaining steadfast will soon lead you to an open field of opportunities. When life gives you lemonade, do it like BEY and create that ultimate lemonade girl.

Level of integrity

Help others, while helping yourself succeed. If you’re open and have the ability to help someone else throughout his or her journey, make it happen. Connect and network, don’t be afraid to go above the call of duty and take the first leap. That’s what girl empowerment is all about.


Do Well, By Doing Good

Create a plan, give yourself an opportunity for establishing and enjoy your journey on whatever it might be. For every accomplishment congratulate yourself create a time line, list your goals and get to work. Get with your girls and have a girl’s night in and craft personality vision boards while sharing goals and dreams. If you don’t envision it now it won’t happen, write it down and stay on top of your game.

That’s, that real empowerment..




whitneytalks Allen