Not your typical candle light dinner, ditch waiting on your reservation at the local Italian restaurant while suffocating in that slim fitting black dress you’ve been starving all day to slip in. Don’t be a “BASIC” this Valentines Day, make 2018 one for the books. Plan a trip with Bae and head out; you’d be surprise on how a change of scenery and new surrounding could spice your love life. Adventures trips benefit romantically but they also improve communication skills within the relationship.

Stamp your passports and catch flights ! 

Here are the top 5 trendy places to travel and splurge this upcoming Valentines Day..


1.     Paris, France

The number one place of romance and also known as the  “City of Love.” Enjoy the astonishing fashion the city has to offer, stupendous art and delightful cuisines. Be the distinctive tourist and bring along a disposal camera with endless Polaroid’s to look back and enjoy. While in the City a must visit is the Eiffel Tower, spend time with your sweetheart 1,000 feet in the air viewing the astonishing city. Head to Paris 18th arrondissement to the “Wall of I Love You’s”, written in 250 different languages known for the place where lovers meet.



2.    Turks & Caicos

 Glistening in the sunny warm weather, sipping on Pina Colada with Bae and going for a third round of Tequila shots. It’s five o’clock somewhere! Turks & Caicos offers the most pristine turquoise water and beach there is with countless outdoor activities including; scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and boat charters. Make your hot vcay one to remember!



3.    Aspen, Colorado

Enjoy the Valley and one of the largest cities in the state. Perfect for the cute outdoors adventurous couples, Aspen is the impeccable playground offering skiing at Olympic bowl with wide opening runs and amazing views, along with hiking at Snowmass, with exclusive home away from home cabin chill at the fire place with bae sipping on hot coco and your destined d to have an marvelous time.


4.    Venice, Italy

                   Plan your Venice vacay and live the lavish lifestyle in a city like no other. Enjoy the city of water and shimming canals, tour the astonishing palaces churches that mirror history. With over 118 different islands the city has to offer plan a romantic gondola ride through town.




5.     Napa Valley, California

    Experience the finnier things and visit Napa Valley, the most definitive wine country. With over 500 wineries to offer and the ultimate perfect Cali weather, sampling endless amounts of fine wines you’ll never want to leave the 30-mile long harvest wine country. Ditch the car and tour the valley on the wine trolley enjoy the scenery and admire the astonishing views.

Lodging and dinning are also essentials that Napa has to offer. Plan a weekend getaway or a weeks stay at the ultimate wine country with various tourist events to attend. 


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