In a male dominant industry, the women behind the scene are calling the shots in this day of time. The female to male ratio has drastically changed over time and more balanced than ever. As women earning respect for our accomplishments is the toughest job in the industry, without being subjected to gender stereotypes. As a female partaking a job in the industry, one must come in with thick skin, and have staying power and a resilient mind set throughout the process. One must not question her ability of power and worth value, and not be intimated too question inequalities. Dedicate her life to long hours, early mornings, and mandatory business attire. As women abiding by the following are just the first steps to success; demanding respect, speaking up & working harder than the rest.  While slowly gaining others respect, and displaying a professional image at all times just to be rewarded with the equivalence of respect as a male.  

Be the Change

            With the music industry continuously evolving, staying updated on social handles isn’t enough.  The Key isn’t staying on top of things anymore, but discovering ways to stay ahead of the game. With a decade of experience many have in the industry, finding new avenues and ways to build with your career is a major aspect. As you work with clients and are given new tasks, don’t be afraid to ask for help or a second opinion. Seek out to mentors that have been in the game long and have knowledge of aspects that can benefit you.  Intake on the information given and use it to your best ability. Keep an open mind and remain professional, even through difficult times and uncomfortable situations.  Being in a male predominantly industry can be intimidating, but with a background of knowledge and determination intimidation will no longer phase you.

 Make a Difference

Men learn from women on a daily just by listening to their advice and concerns. While information continually is being passed down, workings together as women will not only make a difference now but for the younger girls that will partake the same job after us. Embracing your position of power is one action no one can take away. Have confidence over every decision made and trust your intuition. There isn’t a perfect formula to success, everyone is different and have different experiences, don’t comprise yourself over someone else’s advice or background. Work and build your name to its highest standards and hold the position while continually gaining knowledge from others as well.Women often have to work five times harder as their male peers, but this only sustains your work ethic and expands your horizon of knowledge. In order to earn respect, we have to work for it but once proven it’ll be given naturally. We must recall, to always stand our ground, motivate one another and build together as women we will succeed.


whitneytalks Allen