Invest every aspect of your life

Investment; laying out money today without the expectation of getting more money back in the future

            As a millennial, I understand the struggle of SAVING. But, as an entrepreneur my near future and fiancés need to be up to part in order to manufacture my brand and uprising business’s. We are knowledgeable about what’s trending on social handles, the hottest new technology and counting down for the release date of the freshest new sneakers. Why aren’t we this motivated or determine to set our fiancés together for our future? Everything that glitters isn’t truly gold, the materialistic values we find necessary at the time, value depreciates momentarily. As I’m writing this article, I’m presently 22 years old and currently learning and seeking the best investments for myself.  Here are a few tips and tricks I’ve came across that could not only be useful financial but beneficial for your own nature.  Many question, where should they begin when investing, what should they invest in and how to start?  Keep reading, I got it all planned out for you!





Warren Buffet’s net worth today is $91billion USD.  Originally he started at the age of eleven years old Buffet invested in a small pinball machine business. He demonstrates many aspects of the importance of investing, but the one source of investing is to INVEST IN YOURSELF! Start now, use what you have and stop being a consumer, take control of your coins. Have knowledge of your spending’s, know what’s being deposited and withdrawn from your checking account before you swipe. Buffet gears to three main aspects of being very important factors when investing not only in fiancés but his team behind him, he looks for people of intelligence, energy and integrity. Your mindset is what will get you ahead in life, not your pocket book.





Surprisingly many people live month-to-month, living over their means with no savings invested for tomorrow. In whatever you conclude weekly, monthly, yearly SAVE and GIVE BACK. Yes, I said give back…the last thing any one with a survival mindset living month- month is thinking about. First things first, invest on an on going basis if you have to save $20 per week. Make it happen. It’ll eventually pay off in the long run. Set up an automatic system with your bank account to immediately transfer your acquired savings without you having to physically see it.

Give back, whether it’s tithing 10% of your monthly income or literally making something happening for someone finically that could benefit their future. 








Invest in your mental and physical strengths, READ, STUDY AND DISCOVER the different qualities of life. Understand that life has more value than what we see virtually see on a daily. Expand your mind, and be careful of what you expose your brain to. Allow certain thing effect your emotions, maximize your knowledge to your fullest potential and train your daily routine to your extended strength. Feed and strength your mind daily, don’t allow fear to take over. Learn the skills and qualities it takes in order to not only create wealth but to control it. Gain knowledge on different cultures, their finical systems and business routines. Invest in online courses, entrepreneur seminars and video trainings.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!





The higher potential of growth is because you have full control of what you know, weather it’s your business or something you’re investing to gain more knowledge about for the near future. In whatever you have interest in, your going to find a purpose to discover more information based upon it. You can’t earn your way to a fortune, invest in it!





Stock: goods or merchandise kept on the premises of a business or warehouse & available for sale or distribution.


PRO: Own a part of a company


CON: If the company departs and files bankruptcy you could lose all of your investments.


Mutual fund: Investment program funded by shareholders that trade in diversified holdings, professionally managed. 


PRO: Your investments will be split out amongst variety of companies at once.


CON: Large fee for the service. 96% of mutual funds fail to match the market over a 10-year period of time.


Index fund: Mutual fund or exchange traded fund to design to follow certain persist rules so that the fund can track a specific bracket of underlying investments.


PRO: follow set of rules; out perform mutual funds and expensive fees.


ASSET ALLOTUTION: Investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by portioning a portfolio's assets according to an individual's goals, risk tolerance and investment horizon.



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